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The Team:

Mike, Amy, Eve, Tamsin, Anna, Jacquie, Jasmine and Simone will be happy to welcome you to The Little Escape - the amazing reception team are just as important as our amazing team of practitioners

Our Values:

We are passionate about health and well-being, and know that mind and body work together to support happiness.

We know that holistic treatment by well qualified and experienced practitioners can help people feel better in so many ways, and we love being part of this positive journey!

Going for treatment can sometimes feel intimidating - we understand that often those seeking holistic treatments or therapies have been suffering for a long time, and feel worried and vulnerable. Here at The Little Escape we endeavour to ensure everyone feels safe and supported, and your confidentiality is completely respected. We believe that prevention is all important, and that we cannot underestimate the impact that daily stresses have on our bodies. Taking time to care for your whole self, body and mind, and creating time to relax, unwind and let go of stresses and anxieties play a quintessential part in improving quality of life.

We understand and celebrate uniqueness, and we value individuality, equality, honesty and fairness. Individual issues can respond to different types of treatment or therapy, and we support people in finding what works best for them on all levels and in a safe and supportive way.

The practitioners at the Little Escape are all highly qualified, experienced, down-to-earth, and fully accredited by the appropriate bodies. We are proud to have developed a fantastic team, and where appropriate we all work together to ensure that the patient or client gets the best treatment for them at that time.

The overall principle is that if the therapists and practitioners can concentrate on their treatments and patients in a lovely and relaxing environment, the treatments will be better, and the results will be better!

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We have also started a little blog if you'd like a bit more from us and our practitioners.



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