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The Right Weight for Life

A Life Management System for Lasting Weight Loss and Personal Confidence with Jane Miller 

A programme for people who are really serious about losing weight and have tried in the past either unsuccessfully or who keep losing weight and putting it back on again. We'll be looking at what is really underlying their difficulties and learning how to change that. There will also be work on practical issues like exercise and diet as well as continued motivational support. It will consist of weekly group meetings for the first 4 weeks and then fortnightly meetings for 4 more sessions. Each person will have 2 one hour coaching or hypnotherapy sessions with me. It's a chance to really tailor it to the individual as everyone has different needs and issues.

We will be running a private Facebook group with exercises, downloads and discussion throughout the duration of the course. Finally we will also arrange the occasional meet-up for things like walking together or perhaps cooking a new recipe.

I believe it's a very comprehensive programme that participants will find gives them much more than simple weight-loss. The cost is £15 per session, with an optional additional Virtual Gastric Band for only £80.

I'm launching on Saturday 4th March and running weekly 9.30am-10.45am. Please book in advance or check out the blog for more information


Jane Miller, Hypnotherapist and Coach