Anna Wiliams

Anna first became interested in a more holistic view of health when she was 21 and she met a naturopath & osteopath who really helped her regain her health when more conventional forms of medicine hadn’t worked.

She became interested in bodywork and the power of human touch and went on to study massage, qualifying in 2006 as a Holistic massage therapist. She then went on to study seated acupressure massage in 2007.

She has continued to develop her skills over the years and most recently studied with the inspirational teacher and therapist Beata Aleksandrowic. Her “Pure Massage” deep tissue techniques are simple yet effective and there is a wonderful rhythmic, dance like nature to this treatment that causes the body to enter a deep state of relaxation. There is a real emphasis on “listening” to the body through the treatment so that it is possible to work really deeply but always with awareness.

Anna enjoys continuing to learn and develop as a therapist and brings lots of warmth and happiness into her treatments. She understands how important massage and the human touch can be in our increasingly busy lives and takes pleasure in  being able to share this great therapy with others.  

For more information on Anna and her massage please see her website.

Anna Wiliams offers:


Thai Yoga Massage

Also known as Lazy Person's Yoga!

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chair thumb

Chair Massage

Take 10 minutes (or more!) and feel the benefits...

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Massage square

Massage Therapies

A number of different types to tempt you!

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