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Caroline Vidal

Caroline is a qualified Relate counsellor with many years experience helping couples and individuals with their relationship issues. She is also a fully qualified psychotherapist and registered member of the BACP.
She understands that it’s not always easy to turn to friends and family when you are most in need, and that sometimes a safe and confidential setting where you can talk through your issues with a trusted, supportive professional can help to bring clarity and peace of mind.

Caroline’s practice is based on an integrative approach which means that she draws from a number of therapeutic models and theories that are tailored to suit each client. Much of her work is based in the ‘here and now’ exploring how personal expectations and values can influence how you respond to circumstances. Occasionally it is also useful to reflect on past experiences and how they inform current thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Whether you are working on the present or past she feels the best way to approach those aspects that are regarded as unacceptable or difficult in some way is from an open and compassionate viewpoint, for it is only from this non judgemental perspective that you can begin to have an honest dialogue with the very aspects that cause pain and confusion.

Couples Counselling
Sometimes we struggle to effectively communicate and resolve issues with those who are closest to us, and in spite of our best efforts to find resolution we repeat the same unproductive cycle time and again. Caroline works in collaboration with you to identify the barriers to productive communication and build on the skills needed to address sensitive topics. Exploring together how each partner experiences one another can help to establish authenticity, trust and rapport in the relationship.

Caroline offers 50 minute sessions and her fees are £55 for individuals and £75 for couples.

University Advanced Diploma in Couple Counselling
Qualified Relate Counsellor
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Further information about Caroline can be found on her website.

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