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What if you woke up in the morning thinking you were good enough? What if you were able to give yourself understanding and patience and in turn be more compassionate to others, even in difficult times? What if you felt like you deserved to take up space, you were able to be your authentic self?

Are you feeling the call to go deeper, to work through limiting patterns?

As a therapist, Jen has been described as calm, patient and intuitive. Over the past few years she has immersed herself in the study of psychodynamic therapy, meditation, yoga and herbalism. Her passion for healing led her to Goldsmiths University, where she completed an MA in Counselling. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings for a total of eleven years including the NHS and The Place 2 Be. Today she is fuelled by her exploration of the mind-body connection, trauma, post-natal difficulties and birth trauma work.

Jen draws techniques from the psychodynamic modality - exploring your past experiences and consciousness in a curious and objective way. Psychodynamic therapy, based on a trusting relationship, involves a deeper exploration of your unique process - including repeated patterns and unconscious thoughts. Jen is also interested in mindfulness and the mind-body connection and a fan of Bessel van der Kolk’s work acknowledging the profound extent of trauma, and how traumatic stress affects the whole person.

Reaching out is the hardest part. It is often only by meeting face-to-face that you get an idea of whether it feels right. If you are interested in seeing Jen, you can see her on a Saturday between 10am and 2pm. She offers weekly 50 minute sessions. This weekly framework helps to build the relationship and keep the momentum going so that you get the most out of your therapy. The fee is £55 per session.

For more information about Jen and her therapy, visit her website or contact her at

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