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Lisabetta Vilela

Lisabetta's interest in health, the mind/body connection and universal energies begun in her teens. In 2000 she experienced a Reiki healing which led her to learn this amazing technique for self-healing and to then share this healing with others. Shortly afterwards she discovered Shiatsu which transformed her perception of health and energy.

Her own healing experiences with Shiatsu and her passion for the oriental system of health led her to enrol on the 3 year professional practitioner course. She qualified in 2007 from the European Shiatsu School. Her enthusiasm for Shiatsu has led her to help many people experience this wonderful therapy: Pregnant women, the elderly, children, post-chemotherapy clients, those suffering from depression, anxiety and many more...

Her interest has developed further into the body's lighter energies: the aura, the chakra system and working with higher energies and frequencies to help heal deeper issues within ourselves and others. Ultimately self-awareness will bring self-empowerment as we connect with our inner wisdom and inner truths ...and true self-healing begins...


The following treatments and classes are offered by Lisabetta:



Shiatsu Bodywork

Shiatsu Facelift massage



Aura Healing

Adam Kadmon Activation

Galactic Ray Healing


Max Meditation

Meridian Stretches and Do-in Exercises

One to One tuition for Self-empowerment

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Lisabetta Vilela offers:


Energy Healing

We offer a number of different types of energy-based therapies!

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Shiatsu Massage

Traditional Japanese bodywork focusing on the flow of energy in the body

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