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Mike is a highly skilled BodyWorker - a Qualified Osteopath, as well as a highly qualified and experienced Sports Massage practitioner, who has been treating a variety of clients all over South London - from sports people with sporting injuries, to those who may simply overdo it at the gym or want to get ready for (or recover from!) sporting events such as fun runs or marathons, to those who suffer difficulties with pain and movement due to degenerative physical conditions or illnesses, or everyday injuries such as ankle sprains or RSI. Sports massage techniques can provide effective relief to everyone!

Mike is also an advanced Myofascial Release specialist, in which he helps to release restrictions in fascia (connective tissue) to help resolve postural dysfunction and associated issues, and long term chronic aches and pains including sciatica, fibromyalgia. Mike's signature treatment is called Myofascial Bodywork, in which he combines Myofascial Release techniques and mobilisations with the best of advanced Sports Massage, to rebalance and realign patients.

Mike is also a qualified Reflexologist who fuses traditional Reflexology techniques with Thai Yoga stretches and Myofascial release techniques to the feet and ankles, all of which provides a thoroughly relaxing and stimulating Reflexology treatment, that also enhancing flexibility and mobility and helps to restore balance to the structure and soft tissues of the feet.



Osteopathy (Masters British School of Osteopathy)

BTEC Level 5 in Sports Massage

iMFT Advanced Integrated Myofascial Therapist

Thai Yoga Massage practitioner

Reflexologist Level 3


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