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Traditional Usui Reiki is a hands on or off energy treatment based on the findings of Mikau Usui  healing system whereby a number of Reiki symbols are used predominantly in each chakra to promote good health, well being and alleviate anxiety.  Harmonic Reiki is the addition of tuning forks of various chakra, planetary or organ specific frequencies which adds the dimensions of sound therapy to the traditional Reiki treatment often resulting in a deeper and more profound experience.

In 2009 after a period of constant chest pains, exhaustion and breathlessness I was diagnosed with a condition called pulmonary sarcoidosis which turned my world upside down. I had never heard of this condition and the more I researched it the more anxious and stressed out I became which made my symptoms worse. I began to explore alternative treatments and diets in a bid to overcome the issues that I was facing. That is when I first discovered the power of touch and sound. I added tuning forks and singing bowls to my treatments and was amazed at the effect that the tuning forks had upon my symptoms. My anxieties lessened, I was less stressed and most of all I felt a channel within me clear so that messages I needed to hear from the universe were heard clearly, providing me with guidance.

In 2015 I was given the all clear and told the disease had left my lungs completely. I was amazed and thankful and began to explore Reiki, becoming a Reiki 2 practitioner in 2016.  The people and animals I treated with Reiki all seemed to experience positive experiences and benefit from the treatment. This led me to explore a Harmonic vibrational Reiki, Reiki with sound specifically Tuning forks.  The combination of Reiki and sound brought about a deeper experience for both me and my clients, many of them explaining how much of a difference these treatments made in their issues and conditions now that sound had been added.

This was my catalyst to become a Reiki and Harmonic Reiki master and continue to share this beautiful form of Reiki with all that seek to experience it.

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