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Tracey Goulding

Tracey is skilled and knowledgeable Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and has been providing acupuncture to the residents of Crystal Palace since 2007. She is an Advanced Fertility Practitioner which means she integrates a thorough understanding of biomedicine with her Chinese Medicine practice. This is a powerful combination, especially in the cutting-edge science of Assisted Conception, where medical advances are continually being made

If you want to optimise your chances of conceptionhave a healthy pregnancy and birth or need support through Assisted Conception such IVF or IUI, then she can offer you both expert acupuncture to support your fertility and also share her knowledge and experience. This can include sign-posting you if more blood tests or investigations are needed, or if nutrition changes are required.

If you are already pregnant, Tracey offers safe and supportive care for many pregnant women, including ‘high-risk’ pregnancies. She can help with many pregnancy discomforts ( and preparing for birth, which includes optimising baby position and facilitating labour for overdue babies (

Tracey also provides advice and acupuncture to help women navigate the perimenopause and menopause. The time before periods stop is a critical window where intervention can potentially address small health conditions before they are magnified as hormones shift. There is a strong link between hormonal shifts and changing immunity levels, cardiovascular risk and insulin resistance.

Tracey offers acupuncture sessions every Tuesday 2-8pm. 

Specialist Programmes


Follow up sessions are priced as follows, for standalone appointments and for all packages:

£75 single sessions

£280 four session package (£70 per session)

£520 eight session package (£65 per session)

£720 twelve session package (£60 per session)

Please contact Tracey direct to discuss which package or amount of follow up appointments is most suitable; her website is, and you can contact her either by email or telephone:

07941 740018

Qualifications and Professional memberships

Tracey Goulding BSc (Hons) Acupuncture, BSc (Hons) Psychology & Biology, Advanced Level Fertility Diploma

Member of the British Acupuncture Council

Member of Fertility Support Expert

Member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

Associate Member Newson Health Menopause Society

Tracey Goulding offers:

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