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Why not gift a relaxing and restorative experience with one of our Gift Vouchers?

We can fill one out for any amount or treatment and post to you or your loved ones, first class and free of charge. To get your gift voucher just call reception on 0203 384 0509 or come in in person, and we'll be happy to help. 


We also have a number of products available:

Lavender eye pillows, hand crafted by Hilary Collins. These are perfect for use during meditation, massage or a soundbath or as a sensory aid to sleeping. Priced at £17.50 each.

Framed positive intentions by Hilary Collins. Priced at £17.00.

Hand painted soothing stones by Hilary Collins. Priced at £9 for a large stone and £4 for a small stone.

Mother Roasting Kits, by the London Acupuncturist, which are a practical way to boost recovery post partum. A deeply nourishing, relaxing one-off ritual that can be done at home to address depletion post birth, which Chinese Medicine believes can be a factor in low milk supply, post partum depression, prolapse, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. Kits contain a set of postcards detailing the history of mother roasting, full instructions for use, a recipe for Junie’s chicken broth (a traditional blood building soup) and a moxa stick. An ideal gift for mums to be priced at £25.00.

Epsom Salts to soothe and relieve tired muscles. Priced at £6.50.

Lacrosse Balls, which are wonderful for working on triggers points, areas of tension within muscles. Priced at £5.00.

Golf Balls, which are great in helping to relieve foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and tight muscles. Priced at £1.00.


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Lavender eye pillows, hand crafted by Hilary Collins. Perfect for use during meditation, massage, soundbath or as a sensory aid to sleeping.



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