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Pregnancy Aromatherapy

Pregnancy is a normal, natural, physiological and social event in the life of a woman and an event which comes with the need for lots of adaptation, to some of us, more so than others. Each mother experiences her pregnancy differently yet each with common niggles, many of which aromatherapy can address and relieve. These include, the obvious aches and pains, nausea, headaches, swollen ankles, piles, constipation, stuffy noses, insomnia and fatigue.

Aromatherapy and pregnancy massage is safe at any stage of pregnancy and can support a woman in all stages of her pregnancy but it is important for the mother to feel the time is right for her to have treatment. At the stage of conception, treatment focuses on assisting fertility through relaxation. Throughout all three trimesters during pregnancy to labour when aromatherapy aids in creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for the mother and in easing pain and muscular tension. It also works wonders post-natally when treatment focuses on restoring the physiology and energy of the mother, encouraging healing and can be a great help in post natal depression and other postnatal anxieties and stresses.

The treatment is guided by your needs and safety guidelines are followed in choosing essential oils for a bespoke oil blend prepared for you, used for its therapeutic effects. This is combined with traditional and modern massage techniques for its relaxing effect, designed to address the muscular aches, pains and the physical strain attributed to the body adjusting to the changes which occur during pregnancy. At the same time the aromatherapy massage gives a mother that bit of nurturing so necessary during pregnancy.

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