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Art Psychotherapy

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art Psychotherapy is a form of Psychotherapy that uses art media as its primary mode of expression. Art can be used as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing. So often we use language to control the way we present ourselves to others and perhaps as a defence mechanism. Furthermore, it can be challenging to translate our thoughts and feelings into words. Art is great at breaking through these barriers that we develop and allow us to reflect and express ourselves in a rich and authentic way.

I practise using a psychodynamic framework. This framework focuses on looking at how past experiences and relationships can influence the way you handle situations and relationships in your current day to day life.

Is it for you?

Art Psychotherapy has been proven to be effective across many different client groups and ages. No art experience is needed. All clients will receive an initial assessment, this space is for you to talk a little about what has brought you to therapy, the process and whether it is something you would like to do. Please feel free to to contact Lucy if you have any questions regarding Art Psychotherapy by emailing or calling her on 07919130705.

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