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Facial Treatments

We at the little escape think that beauty comes from within - but there's no harm in giving your face a treat! 

We do not use artificial products, petrochemicals or perfumes - only natural, organic oils and essential oils to nourish your skin and benefit your complexion.  Boosting circulation to the skin with these treatments brings more oxygen and nutrients to benefit the face, and helps detoxification and lymphatic drainage (reducing puffiness). All of these can also help improve muscle tone to lift the face, and improve collagen production. Most of us also hold a lot of tension and emotions in our face, so releasing these muscles can be profoundly relaxing, and have benefits on many levels. You'll feel refreshed, and revived, and your beauty will glow! 

The treatments we offer specifically for your face are:

Facial Acupuncture with Claire and Yvonne. A full recommended course of facial acupuncture is around 12 sessions for lasting results.

Facial Reflexology with Mayumi, available most days!

Facial Shiatsu with Lis - available on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Natural facelift Massage is offered by Hazel, Suzanne and Mayumi and is available throughout the week!

A course of minimum 6 treatments is recommended for lasting and dramatic effects- as the results are cumulative, 10 treatments would be ideal. Afterwards suggested maintenance is once a month or any other time depending on need.

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