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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is an extremely precious and special time in a Mother’s life. Whether you're lucky enough to sail through your pregnancy with very few discomforts or you've experienced a multitude of health complaints from the start, your pregnant body is working hard to nurture a new life into being. 

Massage is a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial gift to yourself to ease some of the natural aches and pains during pregnancy and give something back to yourself and your baby. This can be continued later on with Post Natal Massage. In addition to wellbeing and overall health, the benefits to specific areas of the body that will be affected by pregnancy are multitude:

Musculoskeletal System: With the added weight of pregnancy this system is likely to bear the greatest additional strain. This can cause additional stress on muscles and joints, resulting in postural changes. The expansion of the uterus and shift of weight forward can lead to compression of the lower spine and added pressure on the hip joints. Massage of the back and hips can help improve blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage and the circulation of oxygenated blood to these areas.

Circulatory System: A common complaint during pregnancy can be swelling of the ankles and feet - due to the increased volume of blood. Massage can help stimulate circulation, thus improving the oxygen and nutrient flow to baby and helping to energise the Mother.

Respiratory System: As the baby grows there is less room in the body, which can put pressure on the lung area and lead to shortness of breath. Massage can induce relaxed, slower breath and aid respiratory problems such as Asthma.

Skin: Perhaps one of the most common treatments expectant Mothers give to themselves is self-massaging the bump to avoid marks from stretched skin, which may begin to itch. Massage using nutrient rich oil can feed and treat the skin to help minimise these health complaints.

Endocrine system (hormones): Hormone production increases during pregnancy, in particular Progesterone, Oestrogen, and Relaxin. Massage can aid in the smooth distribution of these hormones throughout the body.


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Available by phone or in person, with free first class delivery. 

We offer Pregnancy Massage for women past the first trimester - when making a booking please let us know how many weeks along you are so we can best accommodate you. Your therapist will note your medical details to tailor the massage for you, which will likely be a side-lying treatment. Booking is available by phone and online.

For some issues during your pregnancy physiotherapy may be a better option. Simone offers pregnancy physiotherapy.




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