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Nutritional Therapy

What is it and how can it help me?

We are all constantly bombarded with advice from numerous sources on what it means to eat a healthy diet and which foods are beneficial for our health. How do you know what will work for you and help you to achieve your goals? Food is a powerful tool which can bring about positive changes to our health; working with a nutritional therapist allows you to pinpoint your individual nutrient requirements and translate that into changes in your diet and lifestyle that are realistic, achievable and sustainable. 

We have two excellent Nutritional Therapists at The Little Escape.

Fiona Campbell

An initial consultation includes identification of your personal wellness goals and an in-depth discussion of any particular health concerns; a review of your existing diet and lifestyle and any factors that may be contributing to your issues. You will then receive a tailored treatment protocol. This will consist of safe, natural, practical nutritional and lifestyle advice to incorporate in your daily life and may include appropriate therapeutic supplement recommendations.

Fiona offers an Initial consultation that lasts 60 mins, and costs £70. Further follow-up appointments last 45mins and costs £60. Fiona is very happy to answer any questions regarding your treatment protocols provided, so you feel fully equipped to move forward and make the recommended changes. For more details bout how Fiona works, and on what she offers, see her practitioner page Fiona Campbell.

Karen Jones

Karen offers two packages - the Standard package includes the Initial consultation + one follow up + two coaching calls, and is priced at £245. The 12-week coaching option comprises Initial consulation + two follow ups + three coaching calls over a 12 week period, and costs £335. At the end of both packages, further follow-up appointments can be booked if required. For more details bout how Karen works, and on what she offers, see her practitioner page Karen Jones


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