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Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on unravelling and clarifying underlying patterns in our lives. These patterns are often found to begin in an individual’s childhood as psychodynamic therapy suggests that early life experiences are extremely influential in the development and functioning of a person. Therapy seeks to promote the rewriting of past experiences and supports the development of a more useful and functional positive sense of self. It is an invitation to feel pain and face challenging experiences, to look deeply at the truth of them as to move through them. To see the source of these patterns and thoughts may help a person to heal.

In psychodynamic therapy, the therapist will encourage you to talk about whatever is in your conscious mind. Psychodynamic therapists may ask you things like “what age do you feel right now?” or “can you think of a time where you experienced similar emotions?” This is because they are trying to uncover repeated patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Often, our psychological problems are intrinsically embedded in our personalities, the issue you bring to therapy may not be the one that emerges after several sessions.

Studies support the gains achieved whilst in psychodynamic therapy are long lasting and often clients continue to improve after therapy has finished.

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