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Makko-ho Stretches

An easy to learn sequence of exercises called Makko-Ho (from Japan). These simple exercises exist of 6 stretches that open and conect to a pair of meridians (energy pathways used in acupuncture and shiatsu) within the body. The sequence connects and opends into the 12 major Meridians and by following the sequence you will be able to balance and harmonise your body's vital energy (Chi).

Body awareness, self-awareness, flexibility, and breathwork are vastly improved. Once learnt the sequence takes 20 minutes. Choose to do in the morning to set you up for the day or in the evening to let go of the day's stresses and calm and re-centre. Alternatively, you can pick one stretch that you feel drawn and connected to. A self-maintenance tool for our busy lives. 

Classes are 1 hour long and held by Lisabetta.

One-to-One classes: £55


A group workshop will also take place beginning on the 2nd of June - A series of 4 1-hour sessions every Sunday, this course will cost £60 per person. 

Offered by:

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Lisabetta Vilela

Shiatsu Practitioner and Energy Healer

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