Shiatsu Facelift Massage

Natural rejuvenation for the face and neck

This is a deeply relaxing and revitalizing massage for the face, neck and shoulders using Oriental, Eastern and Western techniques with the gentle touch of Shiatsu to bring natural rejuvenation to the face and neck.

The face has 12 different muscle groups which work tirelessly every day to express our emotions, laughter, fear, anxiety, stress and the complexion is always open to the elements. We pay other muscle groups in our bodies much more attention. Our facial muscles also need attention and assistance to rejuvenate without the need for external and intrusive methods.

The session begins with relaxing stretches to the shoulders and neck to assist relaxing and letting go. Acupressure is used to stimulate acu-points on the neck, head and face, to help release a build-up of toxins and tension naturally. Circulation and the lymphatic system will be stimulated which increases nourishment to the cells and make the complexion radiant and glowing.

The intricate muscles and fascia of the face are released with gentle techniques to relax and 'lift' the skin, smooth wrinkles and lines, reduce puffiness and brighten the eyes.

As 8 of the 14 major energy pathways  (which cover the whole body and connect with the internal organs)  start or finish in the face the whole body will feel relaxed and benefit from the stimulation of these points.

The gentle touch of shiatsu and sensitivity to energy-blockages will enhance the overall effect.

After 1 treatment you will feel deeply relaxed and your face will feel and look radiant, younger and re-vitalised.  From the inside to the outside a child-like essence will prevail.


One treatment will feel lovely. However a course of 6 sessions is recommended to enjoy the accumulated effects.  Thereafter 1 session every 4 to 6 weeks is sufficient.


A course of 6 treatments is £300 (1 free)

Includes a bottle of massage oil for your complexion.

Techniques are taught for you to use at home in between sessions to maximise effects.


Lisabetta Vilela

Shiatsu Practitioner


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