sports massage

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for anyone who has a physical injury or condition that affects the way in which they move or stand, or impinges on the way that they go about their daily life. This can be caused playing a sport, or as a result of an accident, work-related injuries, to providing relief from symptoms of physical and degenerative conditions. Sports Massage is not just for people who play sports. Appointments can be booked for 60mins (all practitioners) or 90mins (all practitioners except Mike). 

A Sports Massage session usually includes tests to assess the quality and range of your movement and muscle function, postural analysis and some orthopaedic testing if required. Treatment usually involves having you lie in a variety of positions, and will combine deep tissue bodywork with very effective advanced non-oil based massage techniques, including:

- Muscle Energy techniques - to increase the flexibility and point of stretch of your muscles - basically enables muscles to move further than they could originally.

- Neuro Muscular techniques - to break down scar-tissue (due to damage), adhesions (knots) and Trigger Points within muscles that can be very tender to touch, and/or cause pain on movement of the muscle, and sometimes referred pain.

- Soft Tissue Release - to further stretch muscles that cannot be stretched effectively through normal massage, and reset muscle tone.

- Myofascial Release - to release restrictions in fascia, which can limit movement and flexibility, cause pain and compress on nerves, so that the muscular and skeletal systems may re-align.

Provided by:

Daniela on Wednesdays 10am-12.30pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm and Sundays 2-6pm

Simone on Sundays 11am-5pm

Yvonne on Mondays 3-7pm and Tuesdays 10am-3pm

Andrew on Thursdays 7-9pm and Saturdays 2-6pm

Mike on Tuesdays 4-7pm, Wednesdays 2-8pm, Thursdays 1-7pm and Fridays 10am-6pm