The source of Yoga is ancient wisdom passed down from thousands of years ago to help us lead a happier and healthier life. Way more than simply physical exercise, it is an art of living that refines and integrates body, mind and soul. Developing a yoga practise is a fundamental gift to oneself, adopting a committed attitude to working the body and mind with awareness, letting go of old restrictions in the body, becoming more aware of self and being open to positive change.


The health benefits of yoga practise can be improved posture, increased flexibilty, stability of the central nervous system, mobility in the joints, proper functioning of the organs and glands and maintaining overall wellness in the body.

The mental and emotional benefits include increased clarity and concentration, increased self awareness, responding more skilfully to stresses of life through a steadier centre, developing understanding and love for ourselves and others.

The personal benefits to a regular yoga practise can be far-reaching and unique to each individual, but often we can feel more connected, more alive and more able to flow with the rhythms of life.

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